Webhooks are the ultimate escape hatch to systems integration. Event publishing that doesn't require you to know much about who is listening on the other end. It's trivial to create a publisher or consumer (bring your own HTTP server/client).

On the surface, Webhooks seem antithetical to the rise of the cloud native –  it's easier than ever to set up servers that long-poll, managed pub/sub infrastructure, or simple event queues. But the opposite might be happening.

Webhooks are probably not the answer when message deliverability is crucial: services with strict SLAs, streams with high volumes of data, or where sync is important. Queues and streaming solutions like Kafka are better options (at the cost of complexity).

You can also view webhooks as a shift of responsibility from event producers to event consumers. Webhooks put the onus of event management onto the consumer. Whether this is a temporary shift or something more long-term, it remains to be seen.