Twitter's acquisition was one of my "Low Conviction" 2022 predictions, but I certainly didn't think this would happen.

Here are some of my unsolicited thoughts on what Musk could do with Twitter.

Outsource Innovation

While Twitter has had a few high-profile product launches in the last two years (Spaces, Fleets, NFTs), the product has been relatively stagnant for years. With the constant churn at the company (Jack gone, the go-private acquisition), it must be difficult for employees. Musk's management style is different than the current status quo.

Making Money

I don't believe that financial gain is Musk's goal (instead, a better version of the Bezos/Washington Post strategy). Taking the company private gives Musk room to operate without Wall Street breathing down his neck.


How does Twitter become the public forum that Musk envisions?

Curtail Spam and Harassment