A new wave frontend toolchain is emerging, and it's extremely performance-driven.

I'm talking about Deno and bun (runtimes),  esbuild, swc, and Rome (bundlers), to name a few. These tools were built as a response to the slowness and complexity of Webpack. Some traits that separate them from the pack

What's interesting is the bimodal performance benchmarks. Depending on how you measure it0, esbuild and swc are 10x-100x faster than webpack and babel. However, they are much closer in performance to each other.

While performance makes it a no-brainer to switch from webpack to esbuild, switching from esbuild to swc might depend much more on API compatibility, developer experience, or production readiness. What I think the next few years will hold for the new wave toolchain:

0The benchmarks are hard to measure accurately. The new wave toolchain doesn't do everything the old tools did. They aren't feature complete and might not ever be.